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Best Free Logic Pro X Course/tutorials? | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum – Who this course is for:

Best Free Logic Pro X Course/tutorials? | AudioSEX – Professional Audio Forum – Who this course is for:

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Avoid the annoying distractions of YouTube and learn inside the Ripple Player. Our trainers have been in the industry for over 20 years and have created highly focused tutorials. No need to sit through hours of unfocused videos. Choose the skill and get up to speed quickly.

We are dedicated to your creative success and are here to help along the way. The quality of FCP X training provided here is unrivalled. Ripple provides you with step by step instructions you need to move from novice to intermediate and from intermediate to advanced.

The quality of the audio and video is very high as is the competence of the instructor. Absolutely brilliant at cutting-to-the-chase, no chaff. Love it. Ripple training has been massive in helping me over the years, as far back as Final Cut Studio years. I have attended other online training courses and I can surely say your training is the best and most complete I have come to know. Ripple Training provides the best training in the world, and I will definitely be a lifelong student and evangelist for this wonderful company.

I have to say, out of all of the video training resources available on Final Cut, Ripple Training is by far the best! Brian R.

Mark and Steve are born educators and presenters, and a remarkable combination that just work so well together. Ripple Training has helped thousands of media producers all over the world. Choose one of the tutorials below and get a solid foundation in each application.

Our extensive tutorial library will walk you through the process. Learning from our tutorials is like having a personal guide right beside you.

DaVinci Resolve is a complete editing and finishing studio with deep capabilities. Our tutorials will guide you into creative success. Below are 3 content creators just like you, who share how they approached their projects initially; the problems they encountered and how our training was able to help them realize their creative vision. Paul McGinnis. Final Cut Pro X. Paul is a professional puppeteer on TV, film and stage. Learn how Paul utilized our Final Cut Pro X library to edit a short film about a robot butler that teaches a popular dance move.

Timothy Dowd. Tim and his wife Christine produce a vlog that brings awareness to people living with Multiple Sclerosis. Their videos use motion graphics that resulted from watching our tutorials. Gary Yost. She desires to give you anything you want. Epcot , Nov 24, Joined: Oct 8, Messages: Likes Received: AFAIK, musictechhelpguy on youtube gives you the best of the best tutorials on logic and it’s completely free. Last edited: Nov 24, Agree x 2 List.

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Logic pro x tutorials youtube free download. Access to Logic Pro X and Final Cut Pro X free for 90 days


Learn more about logic remote. Learn more about mainStage support. Learn more about AppleCare support. Graphically Enhanced Manuals. Logic Pro – Apple Pro Training. AIR Music Technology. Apogee Digital. Audio Damage. Audio Ease. Baby Audio. Blue Cat Audio. Dada Life. DMG Audio. D16 Group. Fielding DSP. Future Audio Workshop. GForce Software. IK Multimedia. Kush Audio. KV Audio. KVR Audio. Lennar Digital. Line 6. Madrona Labs. Melda Productions. Metric Halo. Native Instruments.

Ohm Force. Plugin Alliance. Plug-in Boutique. Pure Magnetik. Reason Studio. Relab Development. Reveal Sound. Rob Papen. Roland Cloud. Slate Digital. Sonic Academy. Sound Radix. Sugar Bytes. Synapse Audio Software. TAL Software. Universal Audio. See how to use Live Loops cells and scenes to re-arrange the basic building blocks of your music.

Normalization gets a bad wrap in the audio world. And that color is non-destructive. Not only is it non-destructive, but the target level is totally up to the user.

I recently got myself a Nektar expression pedal, and have been having a ball using it with Logic. You can also use Dual Mono plugins to inspire new creative opportunities and chances in your music!

Today, Chris Vandeviver explores the creative potential of Dual Mono plugin routing. Logic Pro’s Low Latency Mode is a fantastic mode for temporarily bypassing any plugins or routing that are introducing latency in your signal flow. Resampling is one of the many fantastic new features added to Drum Machine Designer in the Logic Pro See how to use it to create custom sounds and channel strips.

Since my earliest days using Logic, I have always been intrigued and inspired by how different people using the same tools, approaching similar situations, invariably generate unique and disparate creative results.

Here are the results. One of the new often requested features added in the recent Logic Slip Editing means being able to shift the contents within a region without changing the region boundaries. There are lots of uses for this, both creatively, and correctively. Follow along in the first-ever logic-pro-expert Remix Off, where Eli Krantzberg and Chris Vandeviver each create a short arrangement using two factory Apple Loops, in conjunction with Logic Pro Which do you like better?

Yesterday we shared our exclusive first look at the new Logic Pro Below are some additional videos covering some of the new features, that are all available to view for free. In Round 2 of our guitar “mix off” here at Logic Pro Expert, Chris and Eli choose to use 3rd party emulations and plugins on the same guitar tracks. Which version do you prefer, and why?

What are some of your favourite guitar processing plug-ins? Crafting guitars for a mix can mean completely different things to different mixers and guitarists!

Thanks to Amp Designer and Pedalboard, Logic has no shortage of tools for crafting your perfect guitar sound.

So we here at Logic Pro Expert decided to put tone to the test by individually mixing a guitar-driven song using Pedalboard and Amp Designer for our guitar mixes. Like all things computers, this largely depends on your use-case. The kitchen is a good metaphor for understanding how these fit together…. This is where stuff on your computer software, files, everything lives permanently. Audio files are quite big so high RAM capacity is essential if you plan on working on audio projects with lots of large files.

The sharper the knife the better the processor the quicker it can chop the ingredients. So, for audio work and to deliver more power, a good amount of RAM is helpful as it allows you to work with more files 8GB is good, 16GB is better, but the more RAM you have the bigger you can go with your projects. The better your processor, the more flexibility you have on the software and plug-Ins you may want to use, especially if you are layering multiple effects. If you want to store projects on your hard drive, a large capacity will be useful but you can always archive these onto external hard drives.

So this is perhaps a little less important overall. For really large-scale, high-performance projects, a Mac Pro with a high-quality Thunderbolt Interface would be best. Thunderbolt allows for a much faster data transfer than USB 3, meaning you can edit imported audio with ease, and use lots of plugins without overloading your CPU.

Personally, my recording process tends to be relatively simple. I have a high spec iMac with a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 interface running audio and midi. The MacBook Pro is certainly capable of producing professional music. It is substantially equipped for recording, songwriting, editing and mixing, and mastering processes!

However, I personally prefer to use the iMac as my main workhorse, due to its larger screen. This is a hugely significant change, not only because the old CDs had to be ordered or purchased from an Apple Store and manually installed a much slower procedure , but because the App Store allows customers to easily and remotely update apps across multiple devices.

Logic Pro X updates frequently include new loops, plug-ins, features and performance improvements. And the cost of these updates is… nothing. Zilch, zip, diddly squat! The slick modern aesthetic of Logic Pro X is a far cry from its predecessors. Featuring a single customizable window view if you have multiple screens, you can also have separate windows for the Mixer, Audio Editor, etc.

Navigation is efficient and satisfying, and fairly reminiscent of Final Cut Pro. Included in the new software was also a completely rebuilt sound and loop library for creators to flesh out their recordings with breakbeats, samples, riffs and more. The Drummer tool is really interesting. It is essentially a modern automatic drum machine, which allows you to select the style, number of fills, the amount of swing and beat complexity to create what feels like a real drummer.

The Smart Tempo feature enables the drummer track to automatically pick up the tempo of another track and play along in time! Songwriters can use this tool to flesh out their demos.

This is useful as a temporary solution before the real drums are added. In terms of the MIDI sound library, Logic Pro X has an enormous array of keyboards and synths and more patches than you could use in a lifetime! I think the most exciting feature is the Logic Remote app, free for iPad and iPhone.

The app connects your iOS device to your computer and allows you to control the software. You can pause, stop and record, obviously. But you can also edit effects and panning, so this is an amazing tool if you like a fader-style mixing approach without actually having the faders, of course.

This can also save you a lot of time if you are recording a live instrument, but are too far from your Mac to control it! The app can also be used to manually tap the project tempo, or play in keyboard and drum instruments. A key concept to understand with Logic Pro X and how it compares to Pro Tools is the approach to plugins. Pro Tools is arguably the most used DAW in the world.

It is a very good piece of software and comes with a number of great plugins. Despite this, in my experience of recording in other studios, a real part of working with Pro Tools is choosing specific 3rd party plugins to really define the kinds of sounds that come out of your studio. And because Pro Tools is the number one DAW in the world, most 3rd party plugins are designed primarily to work with it. The Plug-ins are pretty comprehensive and following the Logic Pro X This means they are very detailed, powerful and sound incredible.

And of course, in classic Apple style, they look great and are super easy to use! In particular, the ChromaVerb reverb allows you to choose your room, set your parameters on decay and even choose how your reverb responds over the frequency spectrum, but also has tons of presets if you need a framework to get you started.

The quality of plug-ins, however, can vary quite a lot. Both of these sound great and are hugely versatile but I have found the Waves plug-ins to be a little less stable than the Vox. Additionally, the visual representation on the Waves is a little less pretty; it feels very much as though perhaps writing the software for Logic Pro X was an afterthought to coding for Pro-Tools.

So my advice would be to get suggestions from other producers or read up on the reviews if you are looking to delve outside of the stock Logic Pro X plugins.

Sometimes, a musician in the studio may want to have a few runs at different elements of a song to get the perfect take for each section. In a lot of DAWs, this means recording multiple takes over multiple tracks.


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