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– Best pc games of all time

– Best pc games of all time

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Best PC Games of All Time – OpenCritic – IGN’s picks for the 25 best modern PC games to play right now.

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3 Baldur’s Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn (). 4 Mass Effect 2 ().


The 25 Best PC Games to Play Right Now – IGN


On top of being IGN’s best-reviewed game of , Elden Ring is one of the best-reviewed games in modern history. As well as transplanting the dice-rolls and deep dialogue options from Dungeons and Dragons into a lesser-seen noir-detective setting, it offers entirely original ways to play, such as such as debating against 24 different sections of your own brain, each representative of a different skill or trait.

Your down-and-out detective is thrust into circumstances where you must solve a murder, but with all great stories its not the conclusion that is solely gratifying, but the journey you took to get there as its ludicrously detailed world and cast of characters drive it along, supported by some of the best writing seen in a game.

It has the same tension of going from a technologically inferior underdog to powerful war machine, with the constant threat of the permanent death of your customized soldiers looming over every decision. However, it turns the formula of defending Earth from alien invaders on its head by boldly recasting XCOM as a guerrilla force attempting to liberate the planet from alien occupation, making the situation feel even more desperate than ever.

This bigger, deeper sequel adds not just complexity in the form of new and more powerful soldier classes, equipment, and aliens, but also a huge focus on replayability. Procedurally generated maps keep you from falling into a repeatable pattern in tactical missions, frequent random events on the strategic map shake up your build and research orders, and of course mods galore.

The “visually and technically enhanced” version of The Witcher 3 will now be released during Q4 Just as the first Half-Life proved you could tell a compelling story in a first-person game without taking control of the camera away, and Half-Life 2 pioneered physics-based puzzles and combat, Half-Life: Alyx set a new standard for polish in virtual reality shooters and is a truly unique experience.

Alyx’s full-length campaign pulls out all the stops for an amazing and horrifying battle against aliens and zombies where the simple act of reloading your weapon becomes a desperate life-or-death struggle as headcrabs leap toward your actual face. Other VR games have great shooting, but even more than a year later nothing has yet matched Valve’s level of detail. Clever three-dimensional puzzles and excellent and often funny performances from its cast break up the action, and it’s all capped off with a fantastic ending that made the decade-plus we had to wait for the third coming of Half-Life almost feel worth it.

Coming off a relatively slow July, let’s look ahead to the first half of August. Two days later, Iron Galaxy will release its free-to-play, wrestling-inspired battle royale Rumbleverse. PC players can then look forward to Rollerdrome, a “third-person shooter-skater game” from the makers of OlliOlli World , on August Those are our picks for the 25 best modern PC games!

Let us know in the comments what’s on your list that didn’t make ours, and be sure to check out our other best games lists — we update them whenever new, great games are made:. Disco Elysium: The Final Cut. Elden Ring. Half-Life: Alyx. The Witcher 3. XCOM 2. IGN’s picks for the 25 best modern PC games to play right now. In This Article. Disco Elysium is about a detective who wakes up in a rundown coastal district with a banging headache and only a few dregs of memory left.

You set out to discover what happened to him inside the unique world we have created. Initial Release. Bullet Train Review. Prey – Predator Prequel Trailer Check out the thrilling, action-packed new trailer for Prey, the newest entry in the Predator franchise. Set in the Comanche Nation years ago, Prey is the story of a young woman, Naru, a fierce and highly skilled warrior. She has been raised in the shadow of some of the most legendary hunters who roam the Great Plains, so when danger threatens her camp, she sets out to protect her people.

The prey she stalks, and ultimately confronts, turns out to be a highly evolved alien predator with a technically advanced arsenal, resulting in a vicious and terrifying showdown between the two adversaries.

These two titles led at least intellectually to the company’s release of System Shock, another breakthrough title. An amazingly rich title that showed the world that first-person engines were capable of a lot more than simple shoot-em-ups. Synopsis: Holy cow! Back before anyone realized that they were both game design geniuses, Sid Meier and Bruce Shelly sat down together to design a title that proved to be one of the most important releases in the history of the PC.

The result, Sid Meier’s: Civilization, lets players take on the persona of a tribal leader with a surprisingly long lifespan at the beginning of human history who must lead his people from the dangers of nomadic life to the responsibilities of running a global empire.

There are so many things that were revolutionary about this game that a listing becomes pointless, but here are a few highlights: the incredibly deep and complex research tree, the massive number of units that reflected the time and technology level of their creators, the town development system that enabled leaders to improve their cities’ ability to produce new units and resources and the Wonder system that let players create huge monuments that gave them advantages over their opponents.

Civilization was not only impressive as an exercise in game design, it was also amazingly well thought out from a historical side as well. The connection between certain inventions and the units that they brought to the table on their discovery Wheel gets you Chariot, Feudalism brings the Knight and Conscription served up Riflemen for example were often obvious, but a few of them didn’t make a lot of sense until you really thought about them for awhile.

One of the finest games ever crafted and a precursor of great titles to come. Other games influenced by Civilization: Pretty much every strategy game released since ‘ Synopsis: The greatest tribute to Sid Meier’s greatness was Pirates!

You started the game as a citizen from one of four different nationalities English, Spanish, Dutch or French with a long lost sister to rescue a foreshadowing of the X-Files if I’ve ever seen one and a thirst for adventure. After outfitting your ship with a crew, food to feed them and guns to fire at your enemies, you set to the sea in search of adventure. You could either play the game as a raw pirate sliding from island to island looking for any ships you could loot and sink or you could ask the various governors that you encountered for letters of cachet that would reward you richly for sinking their enemies.

The latter tactic could lead to gold, titles of nobility and better and better marriage prospects. The game also featured several different forms of combat all equally entertaining which allowed captains who preferred hand fighting to lock with their enemies as quickly as possible and those who favored traditional naval battles to dance nimbly out of range while peppering their foes with their cannons.

If you were really lucky, you could discover a treasure map that would lead you to a fortune or you could get information that would lead you to the treasure fleet although the latter wouldn’t give up its gold without a fight.

One of those rare games that managed to give something to everyone. Other games influenced by Pirates! Synopsis: This is the game that started real-time strategy. Dune II combined a great license with incredible strategic play and interface breakthroughs that developers are still modeling their systems on today.

The game also introduced a branching mission structure into the strategy mix and offered up three separate sides to choose from the Harkonnens, the Atreides and the Ordos, each with their own signature units , a feat that wasn’t really repeated until Starcraft. Unit design was rich and well-balanced featuring units of raw force, like the Harkonnens Devestator, units of subtle assault, like the Atreides Sonic Tank and units that are just plain devious, like the Ordos Deviator.

The game also introduced the random element of the sandworms, overwhelmingly dangerous natural enemies that could swallow an entire assault force before it had a chance to respond. Trent still keeps a boxed copy of this game on his desk to remind him of the greatness the PC games can aspire to. Synopsis: While there were a lot of arguments between us as to what games would make the list and where they would end up, the number one title was never even discussed.

Like many of the games on this list, the premise was simple: you control a group of international alien hunters as they try to protect the Earth from an invasion. Actually pulling this stunt off wasn’t quite as easy. First you had to build and equip a base that would house your soldiers, your scientist and your engineers. Your base also needed a radar station that would allow it to pick up signals from invading alien craft.

Next it was time to buy enough equipment to make sure that your soldiers would actually be able to survive a battle. With this accomplished, it was time to wait for an attack and for your scientists to research new items and equipment to help you in your battles to come.

Once a craft appeared on the screen you sent out attack craft to ground it and once it was down, it was time to put your soldiers in the field to eliminate the alien presence and try to capture as much alien equipment as possible. The game’s economic model was such that if you ever ignored alien incursions into a certain area, that nation would no longer fund you anymore. Eventually you had to figure out where the aliens’ base was on Earth and use that information to try and stop the invasion at its source.

X-COM was cool for so many reasons First, its slowly unfolding storyline gave you the sense that you were up against overwhelming odds without ever being frustrating – quite Aa trick to pull off.

Second, the individual battles in part because of the game’s turn based engine served up a tension and suspense that we’ve experienced in no game since. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of opening a door and seeing an alien just as your movement points run out.

Third, the game allowed you to personalize your play experience by letting you rename all of the characters and bases in the game. It means a lot more to you when one of your friends freaks out and starts shooting at you than when some random name from a database does.

Finally, the game featured several innovations that are really hard to define as a group – the aforementioned psychological system would cause your soldiers to run from battles, go berserk or even start shooting at their teammates, the game’s promotion system gave you a real feeling of accomplishment as your soldiers made sergeant, lieutenant and major and the game’s use of the research system as a storytelling tool has never been matched. The finest PC game we have ever played.

Other games influenced by X-COM: Surpisingly, there haven’t been all that many games of this type released over the years certainly not as many as we would have liked , but the Jagged Alliance series, Incubation, and Shadow Watch are all pretty good examples. Okay, that’s our list and we’re sticking to it Just so you know though, there were loads of titles that we wanted to get on the list that we just didn’t have space for.

We’ve compiled our top picks into one, easy-to-read list. John Wick 4 arrives in theaters on March 24, As Terrans and Vasudans struggle to rebuild their civilizations, civil war erupts in the Polaris system. A rogue Terran admiral declares war against the Vasudans, threatening the stability of the Alliance. Without warning, the Shivans return, and Terrans and Vasudans face annihilation at the hands of their Great War nemesis. The Soviet invasion of Afghanistan has brought a new edge to the Cold War, and in , a one-eyed man with a prosthetic arm appears in the country.

Those who know him call him Snake; the legendary mercenary who was once swept from the stage of history and left in a coma by American private intelligence network Cipher. Snake is accompanied by Ocelot, an old friend who saved him from attack when he finally awoke.

Snake must undertake a solo mission to rescue Miller and prove to the world that the legendary mercenary is not dead and gone. That first step will lead to a path of vengeance against the very Cipher that slaughtered so many of Snake’s men, and to a battle that will embroil the whole world What started in Ground Zeroes must finish with “V”. Infiltrate terrorists’ positions, acquire critical intelligence by any means necessary, execute with extreme prejudice, and exit without a trace!

The world balance is in your hands, as cyber terrorism and international tensions are about to explode into WWIII. Your Ultimate Horizon Adventure awaits! Kentucky Route Zero is a magical realistic adventure game about a secret highway in the caves beneath Kentucky, and the mysterious folks who travel it. Crysis is a next-generation PC first-person shooter from Crytek, the award-winning developers of “Far Cry.

At stake: a mysterious artifact uncovered by a team of U. The North Korean government quickly seizes the area, prompting the U. During the siege the true nature of the artifact quickly emerges, pointing to the existence of an alien presence on Earth, and ultimately the trigger for a massive-scale alien invasion. The battle to save Earth begins as the aliens’ flash freeze the tropics into a ghostly-white frozen landscape.

As gamers take up arms against the aliens, they will be outfitted with customizable weapons and a high tech Nanosuit, allowing them to adapt their tactics and abilities to a hostile, ever-changing environment and a mysterious enemy. Several years have passed since the Burning Legion’s defeat at Mount Hyjal and the races of Azeroth have continued to rebuild their once shattered lives. With renewed strength, the heroes of the Horde and Alliance have begun to explore new lands and broken through the Dark Portal to investigate the realms beyond the known world.

Will these heroes find friends or foes? What dangers and rewards lie in wait beyond the Dark Portal? And what will they do when they discover that the demons they thought vanquished have returned to renew their terrible Burning Crusade? New Player Races: New allies will join the game, expanding the story line and allowing players to develop powerful new characters within the world.

Higher Level Limit: The game’s level cap is being raised to 70, and with these new levels will come meaningful spell, ability, and talent upgrades for each character class. New Lands and Battlegrounds: Explore the magical realms of the Blood Elves and Draenei, journey through the Dark Portal into untamed Outland, and visit dungeons and battlefields previously inaccessible to players.

Flying Mounts: In Outland, players will gain access to unique airborne mounts that will allow for smoother travel over some of that region’s more hazardous terrain. TigerProofing is a revolutionary course-altering system that allows players to modify course dynamics and create the most intensely competitive course imaginable.

Alter tee-box length, width and patterns on fairways and greens, the depth of a greenside bunker, and even the color of the leaves on the trees, course moisture and the season which you play.

Eight new licensed courses and two new fantasy courses have been added for a total of 14 courses. New licensed courses for console only include Coeur d? Alene and Colonial Country Club. Monument Course. Total Precision Swing: New putting and chipping systems allow for more control on the green or when you leave an approach shot short. An epic 3-D adventure spanning over unique locations across two distinct and detailed worlds.

Players can choose to skate with the skills of Tony Hawk, the most legendary pro of all time, or as one of 12 pro skaters from the star-studded lineup. The game’s intuitive and solid control scheme allows players to perform hundreds of tricks in a variety of realistic, obstacle-filled, real-world locations.

Jedi Knight continues the story of Katarn as he embarks on a quest into his past and learns the mysterious ways of the Jedi. With this knowledge, he must stop seven Dark Jedi from unlocking the powers of a hidden Jedi burial ground. This task forces Katarn to decide his destiny. If he chooses the Dark side, he will come into enormous power.

If he chooses the Light side, he faces seemingly insurmountable evil. Whatever path Katarn chooses will change the face of the galaxy forever. There, the imprisoned super-villains have set a trap and an immersive combat gaming experience unfolds. With an original script penned by Emmy Award-winning Batman writer Paul Dini, the game brings the universe of DC Comics’ detective to life with stunning graphics.

Batman: Arkham Asylum offers players the chance to battle Gotham’s worst villains with Batman’s physical and psychological strength in a graphically distinct and story-driven game. The year is and the Drengin Empire reigns supreme across the galaxy. But something utterly evil is devouring the Drengin Empire from within. Expand your Galactic Civilizations II experience with espionage agents, player designed opponents, new alien races, new ships, unique planetary environments, asteroid fields, improved graphics and much more.

A story-driven, first-person adventure delivering over-the-top action, tense subterfuge, outrageous villains, and wry humor in the tradition of the great ‘s spy films and TV shows. Paradox Development Studio brings you the sequel to one of the most popular strategy games ever made.

Crusader Kings III is the heir to a long legacy of historical grand strategy experiences and arrives with a host of new ways to ensure the success of your royal house. In Battlefield 2, players will choose to fight for one of three military superpowers: the United States, China, or the newly formed Middle East Coalition.

Battlefield 2 features immense, richly detailed, destructible environments, from city streets to remote forests, in some of the most notorious hot spots around the world. Each map in Battlefield 2 adjusts in scale to support the number of players in the world, providing the ideal vehicle-to-player ratio and an optimized game play experience. Enhanced team play features allow players to enter the action on the front lines as part of a formal squad, or work behind the scenes in Commander Mode to direct the strategic assaults of their teammates.

With in-game success, players increase their rank from recruit all the way to General and unlock awards, including new weapons, vehicle decals, medals, and more. Additionally, Battlefield 2 showcases an all-new game engine and physics system to bring the modern battlefield to life like never before. The new material penetration feature measures weapons’ ability to fire through barriers based on their composition and players will need to know the difference between concealment and cover in order to survive.

At the completion of the second World Warrior Tournament, the Shadaloo crime syndicate was left in ruins, its grandmasters defeated and scattered to the winds. Corporation, has set up yet another tournament and invited a blend of old friends and new faces to battle again for the title of the world’s strongest.

With 25 characters including the original 12 street fighters , a blend of 2D and 3D graphics, and the new focus-attack system, Street Fighter has returned with a vengeance. Included is an expansive world, unique combat, shockingly realistic visuals, tons of player choice, and an incredible cast of dynamic characters.

Every minute is a fight for survival against the terrors of the outside world — radiation, Super Mutants, and hostile mutated creatures. Vault – Jewel of the Wastes. For years, Vault has faithfully served the surviving residents of Washington DC and its environs, now known as the Capital Wasteland. Though the global atomic war of left the US all but destroyed, the residents of Vault enjoy a life free from the constant stress of the outside world. Yet one fateful morning, you awake to find that your father has defied the Overseer and left the comfort and security afforded by Vault for reasons unknown.

Leaving the only home you’ve ever known, you emerge from the Vault into the harsh Wasteland sun to search for your father, and the truth. In Fez, you play as Gomez, a 2D creature living in what he believes is a 2D world.

Until a strange and powerful artifact reveals to him the existence of a mysterious third dimension! Welcome to Sigil, the “City of Doors”, a place with gates that lead anywhere in existence, provided you have the proper key.

It is a neutral ground and watering hole for races across the multiverse, all under the watchful shadow of the Lady of Pain, the enigmatic ruler of the city.

It is a place where the word is mightier than the sword, where thought defines reality, where belief has the power to reshape worlds and change the laws of physics.

A hideous evil has awoken in the Forgotten Realms. Now, in order to save the inhabitants of the town of Neverwinter you must uncover a sinister conspiracy, unmask your mysterious betrayer and complete an epic struggle to defeat the powerful forces that look to halt your quest and unleash an evil your people would surely never survive.

Cate must investigate a super-secret Soviet project that, if successful, could bring about a third world war. Armed with an assortment of conventional and experimental weaponry and gadgets, players will explore exotic locales, circumvent devious traps, and contend with deadly agents determined to take Cate out of the spy trade once and for all. As the spiritual successor to BioWare’s “Baldur’s Gate”, one of the most successful role-playing games in the industry, Dragon Age: Origins represents BioWare’s return to its roots, delivering a fusion of the best elements of existing fantasy works with stunning visuals, emotionally-driven narrative, heart-pounding combat, powerful magic abilities and credible digital actors.

Powerful Magic — Raining down awesome destruction on enemies is even more compelling as players apply “spell combos,” a way of combining together different spells to create emergent unique effects. Players develop their characters and gain powerful special abilities spells, talents and skills and discover ever-increasing weapons of destruction. With its emotionally compelling story, players choose with whom they wish to forge alliances or crush under their mighty fist, redefining the world with the choices they make and how they wield their power.

Players select and play a unique prelude that provides the lens through which the player sees the world and how the world sees the player.

The player’s choice of Origin determines who they are and where they begin the adventure, as they play through a customized story opening that profoundly impacts the course of every adventure. Observe your enemies from afar, manipulate them with your tools, and execute your plan with precision.

But be careful – you’re as fragile as you are powerful. Disco Elysium is an open world role playing game. Interrogate unforgettable characters, crack murders or take bribes. Spelunky 2 builds upon the unique, randomized challenges that made the original a roguelike classic, offering a huge adventure designed to satisfy players old and new. Meet the next generation of explorers as they find themselves on the Moon, searching for treasure and missing family.

Call of Duty delivers the gritty realism and cinematic intensity of World War II’s epic battlefield moments like never before – through the eyes of citizen soldiers and unsung heroes from an alliance of countries who together helped shape the course of modern history. Play through the chaos of battle as part of a well-trained squad, that lays down covering fire and pulls its wounded to safety.

In addition to authentic squad movements and tactics, each soldier’s distinct personality and training comes out on the battlefield.

No one soldier or nation single-handedly won the war. For the first time, Call of Duty captures the war from multiple perspectives, through the eyes of American, British and Russian soldiers. Battle through 24 missions spanning 4 interconnected historical campaigns. Take on mission objectives ranging from sabotage and all-out assault to stealth, vehicle combat and rescue. Authentic weapons, locations, vehicles and sounds of war all contribute to the realism. Key Features for include New Playmaker Control – Make pre-snap adjustments to your receiver routes, direct receiver routes during a scramble, direct blocking down field during a run, or read and react to the offense to deliver a crushing tackle; New Owner Mode – Hire your own staff, set your team’s ticket prices, build your own stadium, reward key players with signing bonuses and boost player attributes in Mini-Camp drills; Most Realistic NFL Playbooks Ever – Tons of new trick plays, multiple formation variations, and the deepest NFL playbooks from all 32 officially licensed Coaches Club Head Coaches; New Animations and Enhancements – New QB scramble transitions to improve throwing on the run, stumbles, open field blocks, whirlwind defensive reaction moves, sideline wrap tackles, and out of bound pushes.

The Sims 2 is the first entirely-new generation of The Sims, the ground-breaking game that allowed players to create and control people. The Sims 2 challenges you to direct the journey of your Sims’ lives as they grow from infancy through childhood, teenage life and adulthood. Starting with a personality that you give them or that they inherit from their parents , your Sims will develop in unique ways based on your choices and influence.

As they progress through life, your Sims will collect memories which shape who they are, what options they have and how they behave. These experiences can have a short or long-term effect on relationships between family members and friends. Experiences between Sims when they are children can affect their relationships as teens and adults. Your Sims can have casual friendships or make life-long enemies.

New trails, including harrowing encounters with Titania and Innocence. In Cataclysm, players witness the face of Azeroth being altered forever, as the corrupted Dragon Aspect Deathwing awakens from his subterranean slumber and erupts onto the surface, leaving ruin and destruction in his wake. As the Horde and Alliance race to the epicenter of the cataclysm, the kingdoms of Azeroth will witness seismic shifts in power, the kindling of a war of the elements, and the emergence of unlikely heroes who will rise up to protect their scarred and broken world from utter devastation.

New features in the game’s third expansion include: Two New Playable Races: Adventure as the cursed worgen with the Alliance or the resourceful goblins with the Horde.

Increased Level Cap: Advance to level 85 and earn new abilities, tap into new talents, and progress through the path system, a new way for players to customize characters.

Classic Zones Remade: Quest to level 60 as you never have before. Familiar zones across the original continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms have been reforged by the cataclysm and updated with new quests and content. Guild Advancement: Progress as a guild to earn guild levels and guild achievements. New High-Level Content: Explore newly opened parts of the world, including Uldum, Grim Batol, and the great sunken city of Vashj’ir beneath the sea, and enjoy even more high-level raid content than in previous expansions.

Archaeology: Master a new secondary profession to unearth valuable artifacts and earn unique rewards. New Race and Class Combinations: Explore Azeroth as a gnome priest, blood elf warrior, or one of the other never-before-available race and class combinations. The millions of Goo Balls that live in the beautiful World of Goo don’t know that they are in a game, or that they are extremely delicious.

Factorio is a game about building and creating automated factories to produce items of increasing complexity, within an infinite 2D world. With the game setting more and more world records each year for its sales and popularity, and it’s visible omnipresence in the gaming scene since its release with its numerous re-releases and alternate iterations , it’s easy for most to see why this is one of the best PC games of all time.

But if you haven’t had the chance to play GTA V before, you might be asking yourself — what exactly is it about Grand Theft Auto V that makes it such a critically acclaimed title?

There are a lot of fantastic things about Grand Theft Auto V. One of the most striking features of the game is its actual story. Playing as three characters with different backgrounds and ideologies, you explore the world of Los Santos as you get to know its underbelly a little too familiarly. Each character has their own compelling traits and viewpoints that make you feel like you truly grow to know them.

Missions are extremely detailed and immersive, with gameplay varying from high-intensity battles to casual towing jobs. The beauty of the story of Grand Theft Auto is that it’s essentially a albeit violent real-life simulator where players are free to explore, admire, and exist in the vast world of GTA V.

The gameplay is similar to previous titles, with driving, third-person shooter, and physical combat elements that all comprise a true tour de force.

With such refined gameplay elements and in-game physics — especially in comparison to GTA IV, which was a beautiful title in its own right — alongside a vast arsenal of weapons, vehicles, houses, and so much more to obtain and experience, GTA’s gameplay works alongside its story to make it one of the most replayable video games ever released. All of this doesn’t even include GTA Online, which is currently and has been for a few years the game’s most popular mode.

With the active economy and community in the world of GTA Online, you’ll have tons left to do once you’ve completed the game’s story. GTA V is a groundbreaking title for the action-adventure genre, but also for video games in general. So it’s easy to understand why it is, by far, one of the best PC games ever made. Minecraft is a game with boundless potential for enjoyability that’s suitable for players of all ages.

As the most popular video game ever created, Minecraft obtained its icon status shortly after its release in November With its continued popularity — currently, there are million players — there are a variety of reasons that it’s still worth it to give the game a chance if you haven’t already. Minecraft is known for its extremely blocky art style with a simplistic yet expressive aesthetic, and its gorgeous accompanying soundtrack.

There are five different core game modes: adventure mode, creative mode, survival mode, hardcore mode, and spectator mode.

In Adventure mode, players are able to experience worlds created by users while fighting various enemies and acquiring items. Creative mode allows you to use various objects and resources to create the worlds of your dreams — this is one of the modes that are most popular among players. Then there’s spectator mode, which allows you to free roam watch other players without actually playing.

Survival mode is similar to adventure mode, spawning players in at varying difficulties and forcing them to collect items to build and defend themselves against enemies. Between these modes and a multiplayer option, there’s a ton of different ways to enjoy playing Minecraft. After nine years of players creating stages, there are tens of thousands of detailed landscapes and worlds for you to view and explore.

Minecraft is a game that fans of all types of genres can enjoy; Whether you’re looking for a game to enjoy with family and friends, or you want to explore and create worlds of your own. The Witcher 3 is one of the most expansive RPG titles ever made. With a staggering amount of DLC, and an even more overwhelming story length, there’s an endless amount of elements for fans and newcomers to enjoy from the moment you begin playing.

As Geralt of Rivia, a renowned Witcher person who hunts and slays beasts , you spend this game searching for your daughter, who’s running from enigmatic, powerful forces. The Witcher 3 is as much an homage to the stories it’s based on as it is an action RPG experience.

With such extreme attention to detail in terms of inclusions of novel-based content, those who are familiar with the series will be positively overwhelmed! Gameplay is refined and fantastic, with Geralt wielding multiple weapons one for beasts, one for humans , and having access to a variety of magic. The main missions involve decision trees and NPC interactions that will determine not only the fate of your story but the path of your progression. The world is extremely vast and detailed — but more importantly, it doesn’t feel empty, meaning you’ll always be able to run as far as your eye can see just for the sake of exploration.

Whether you’re exploring everything that its world has to offer, meeting in-game characters and fulfilling quests, or maybe just fighting every enemy within reach, the Witcher 3 has an astounding amount of content to experience that definitively solidifies it as one of the best PC games of all time.

Bethesda Studios is well known for its wide-spanning library filled with iconic series, including Elder Scrolls, Dishonored, Doom, and many more. But in particular, one of the studio’s most acclaimed and groundbreaking series always stood out to fans — Fallout. From the cult-classic popularity of Fallout 3 to the more esoteric popularity of Fallout New Vegas, the series has earned millions of fans over the years.

But the release of Fallout 4 was probably the most noteworthy, with anticipation being at an unprecedented high. Fallout 4 was the series boldest entry yet, and went on to be one of the best-selling video games of all time. But what exactly are some of the elements that make this game one of the best PC games of all time?

First and foremost, it’s graphics are crisp and clean, with the photorealistic, quirky art style of the Fallout series and of the Elder Scrolls series. There is definitely a fair share of bugs and glitches, but that seems to be standard for the Creation Engine — the engine used for titles like Fallout 4 and Skyrim. The gameplay is similar to previous titles, with open-world exploration, decision trees, and character customization being the focal points.

In the world of Fallout 4, you’re free to create the story as you experience the repercussions of the decisions you take. This involves joining different factions, finding and choosing between different companions, and making moral decisions that impact the plotline.

Combat is relatively standard for a third-person shooter, with a feature called VATS that allows you to aim at specific body parts and identify weaknesses. With more than hours of main and side-content not including the multiple DLCs , if you haven’t tried Fallout 4 before, there’s no better time than now to do so.

It’s a fantastic game that, aside from occasional bugs and glitches, exceeded its expectations. Jedi: Fallen Order is a game that took many players by surprise; with the disappointing releases of the Battlefront reboots, many fans of Star Wars games weren’t anticipating any upcoming titles — especially in the near future. One of the main things missing from Battlefront games was a feeling of depth; both Battlefronts at launch were relatively barren, under-developed, and lackluster.

With these games taking more of a multiplayer approach, fans started to reminiscent about the older, more grandiose Star Wars titles that focused on single-player optimization. As a result, the release of Jedi: Fallen Order truly couldn’t have come at a better time.

As an action-adventure title, Fallen Order focuses in on the story of a character named Cal Kestis, an apprentice Jedi padawan looking to complete his training, who begins to have to battle with the Empire main antagonists as he strives to reestablish the ‘fallen’ Jedi Order.


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