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Chadar Trek: Complete Guide

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Chadar trek is among  the toughest and most adventurous treks in Leh Ladakh. This trek is called Chadar trek because the Zanskar river turns into a white sheet of snow during winters.There is such a track in the Zanskar region of Ladakh, which is quite popular among tourists. This track is actually a frozen river. This river’s name  is Zanskar.

 In summer, where this river gives cold water streams, in winter it freezes so much that people use it for commuting and for their other work. The extent to which this river freezes in winter can be easily estimated from the fact that people also trek on it. This is the only trek in the world where the entire trekking is done on the river.

Travelers also wish to come more on the Chadar trekking route because they get the chance of snowy trekking in winter and river rafting in summer. During this, the Zansker river flows at its full speed,seeing which river adventure enthusiasts get very excited. If you are also fond of adventurous adventure, then during summer you can enjoy a lot here.

Travelers also wish to come more on the Chadar trekking route because they get the chance of snowy trekking in winter and river rafting in summer.

Some Facts

Track difficulty – Difficult

Region – Zanskar Ladakh

Altitude – 11,123 ft

Track time – 9 days

Track distance – 62 km

Base camp – In Shingra Koma ( About 70 km from Leh)

Nearest Railway station/Bus stand – Leh (475km from Delhi)

Temperature – In day -10 to -150C / In Night  -30 to -200C



How to Reach

The nearest airport to Zanskar is ‘Leh’, which is located at a distance of about 105 km. Direct flights are available to Leh to Delhi, Jammu and  Srinagar.  You can reach  Zanskar from Leh by taxi. If you want, you can also reach Zanskar by rail, the nearest railway station here is Jammu-Tawi, which is connected to the main cities of India.

Best Time

The best time to visit Chadar Trek is January and February. Because during this time the temperature drops very low, due to which this whole river starts looking like glass, and the ice becomes very hard. If you want to enjoy the Chadar trek to the fullest, do not forget to bring warm clothes and essential items along with this during this time.


Walking on snow is not easy, but on this track you have to walk on snow  all the way, which is not free from any danger. The clear water seen under a sheet  of frozen ice creates a thrill in the heart, but at the same time it also awakens a strange fear. Walking on this trek is not as easy as it looks. During the trekking, there is also a danger of drowning in the river due to slipping on the ice. Whether it is the changing weather or the snow on the breaking river, increases the risk on this route. On the one hand there is a fear of slipping on the  rock and on the other hand the snow on the river.

Things to Carry

  • Trekking boots, Gloves  
  • Water bottles, fleece jackets
  • Stream crossing sandals, Rainproof jackets, Insulating gloves
  • Sunscreen and Lip balms, Sunglasses , Walking stick
  • Emergency first aid kits, Hand sanitizers, Toilet papers
  • Water purification pills, Energy bar, ORS
  • Emergency some food items like; chocolate bars, snacks etc.
  • Trekking pole , Balaclava, Suncap, Synthetic hand gloves

What to do on Chadar Trek

  • Follow the rules and be safe.
  • Treat the environment with  complete care.
  • Take short steps and be mindful of your breath.
  • Complete rest for two days on arrival in Leh.
  • Eat nutritious foods.
  • Help and Respect fellow trekkers.
  • Understand your own abilities and health.
  • Visit the nearest medical rescue camp in case of emergency.
  • First of all, do not forget to take information about the itinerary.
  • Keep your medical and rescue card with you at all times.


What to not do on Chadar Trek

  •  Leave your trash on the trek.
  • Jump into icy waters – this will cause severe hypothermia.
  • Disrupt other trekker’s  or the environment.
  • Shout, as loud noises can and will cause landslides/ rockfalls.
  • Go against your guide’s instructions.

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