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You, in turn, take control as an undercover cop named John Tanner, who is tasked with infiltrating a highly organized criminal gang. Eliminate their leader, and find out all the important information. Driver 3 offers a plunge into dizzying combat missions.

There are only 26 available, and events will take place in three real cities – Miami, Nice, and Istanbul. Gameplay mixes thrilling rides in different cars, and third-person shoot-outs. Also, sometimes there will be unique missions, like delivering explosive cargo at high speed, or bringing the car intact.

Although the video game is geared towards driving, the developers have not forgotten about the walking missions. Verified Purchase. I wasn’t disappointed. I can’t believe I didn’t buy this one years ago. You get several cars, 3 full size maps and complete freedom on each map. You also can choose day or night, Rain or Overcast, and which vehicle you get to start off with. Undercover was indeed a challenge for me.

I pushed Me to my gaming limits. In other words, Not too easy. You also don’t need the disk after you have installed it to your PC. I have only run into this problem with the seller Gheekswholeseller I have bought PC games from before. Now don’t take this as a complaint, Its simply a heads up. Make Sure when you purchase any of these games that you know what it is. As long as the game works, I personally don’t care. But be sure. I hope this was helpful. At first I hadn’t been really happy when these people sent me dirt3 instead of driv3r, but now that i’ve got the actual game, it’s awesome!

A lot of the people that hate the game is because either A for some reason they don’t like the better graphics, gameplay, and more guns, B It won’t work with their computer’s You can just say your computer sucks and C some other stupid reason. It works fine and I’m able to play it on p 60fps. I don’t know why people were saying it didn’t work. Seeing as I used to own 1 and now I own 2, 3, and 4, three was an okay game of the whole series.

Obviously 3 is better, but when trying to obtain the whole collection, 3 is a another piece of the puzzle. Not bad overall.

Couldn’t get it to work. It had nothing to do with my PC. Runnning an Alienware PC couldn’t figure it out but didn’t bother to figure it out. It was a cheap game.

One person found this helpful. It’s pretty funny that a developer can record a “making of” segment on its game disc that chronicles its own screw-ups without even realizing them. Mr Edmonson brags that many years were spent just photographing and building the game’s three cities, apparently oblivious that this waste of time was a primary reason for the game’s failure. Had the team spent more time on gameplay and mission structure, and spent less time on architecture and idiotic neo-cool music videos, Driv3r could have been a smash.

Alarms begin to ring as soon as the game is fired up. The amazingly awkward main menu interface flummoxed me as I tried to simply go back and forth between settings menus.

And why cant I modify sound settings in game? It unfortunately gets worse the further you proceed through the game. As mentioned in other reviews, the amazingly awful default control scheme can be fixed with an analogue gamepad and some remapping. While the turning analogue sensitivity is perfect, there is strangely-or appropriately, considering the rest of the game-no analogue input for acceleration, making steady driving difficult. The architecture of each city is pretty stunning.

It’s easy to see how the team spent years building the virtual landscapes, yet amazing how they could put such a weak game into them. Miami, while not the pink neon paradise of Vice City, is more realistic with a lot of white stucco structures and fantastic water effects. The only serious graphical criticism I can levy is the bizarre and unfixable lighting problem that causes many surfaces to flicker on and off.

Brightness levels on certain objects are wrong, and there is a ridiculous bug in all car brakelights, which only illuminate when an outside light source shines on them. The exact opposite of course of how they should be brighter in darker surroundings. Lots of hidden stunt points and vertically explorable architecture are built into, but sadly unused by, the game. Tragically only one Miami mission is conducted at night, when the city really comes to life visually.

Nice and Istanbul are similarly underused. The game had so much potential for great chase sequences going far beyond the very limited and frustratingly stifling scope of those built in to the story. The Drvi3r series of game were sooo awesome. And GranTurismo which every modern PC racing game haven’t matched in playability yet. A modern version of both would be great to buy, again. Hotdamn, just sign me up please! Originally posted by jagree03 :. Originally posted by 8-The-General-8 :.

We want Driv3r Definitive Edition. View Profile View Posts. I don’t want to be ‘one of those people’ But just saying, you can download Driv3r the full game for free in minutes. I got it downloaded , running fine and with fan made HD retexture packs in less than 20 mins. Runs fine on windows 10 with no alterations, works with controller and is a great nostalgia blast to play.

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Minimum System Requirements · OS: Windows /XP · Processor: Pentium 4 @ GHz or Equivalent · RAM: MB · Hard Drive: GB Free · Video. Driver 3 (stylized as DRIV3R) is a action-adventure game, the third installment in the Driver series. It was developed by Reflections Interactive. Everything you need to know about Driver 3. Rate This Game DRIVER 3 will provide next generation gamers with all new gameplay possibilities.


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