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How to delete a page in microsoft word 2019 free

How to delete a page in microsoft word 2019 free

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How to delete a page in microsoft word 2019 free –

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The last thing you want to do is delete the wrong one. Step 2: Next, select the whole page. It might sound like you’ve already done this step, but this is so that Word knows that you want to delete the whole page, not just some of the content on it. Then select Go to or press Enter on your keyboard followed by Close. Step 3: Next, delete the page. Microsoft Word doesn’t have a dedicated page deletion tool, but now that we’ve selected the whole page, we can delete it very easily.

Double-check that you’ve selected the entirety of the page you want to delete, and then press the Delete key. Step 4: Select the paragraph markers by clicking and dragging, or use the arrow keys and hold down the Shift key.

Word includes a non-deleteable end-paragraph that sometimes gets pushed out to a new, blank page at the end of a document. The way to delete the page is to make the end-paragraph fit onto the preceding page. The most sure-fire way is to make the end-paragraph very small 1 point :.

Select inside the Font size box, type 01 , and then press Enter. Tip: If the paragraph mark has a square bullet next to it, the paragraph might have the Page break before option turned on. To turn it off, right-select the empty paragraph, select Paragraph Settings Home tab , and on the Lines and Page Breaks tab of thedialog box, uncheck Page break before.

You can get rid of a trailing blank page by saving the document as a PDF, leaving out the last page. Under Page range , choose Page s , and then specify your non-blank pages. For example, if page 5 of your document is the blank page you can’t get rid of, specify pages from 1 to 4.

You don’t necessarily want to outright delete it, as doing so could cause major formatting issues elsewhere. The correct approach is to set the section break to Continuous. In the layout tab, change the Section start option to Continuous. If you’re getting blank pages when you print a document, but you don’t see any on-screen, your printer settings are probably to blame. Covering every printer is beyond the scope of this article, but you should head to your printer’s Preferences page and look for the Separator page option.

If you’ve learned something new from this article, you’ll love some of our other in-depth coverage of Microsoft Word and Office To get started, why not discover how to add and format endnotes and footnotes? How to Delete a Page in Word: Use the “Go To” Box Let’s assume you don’t want to spend the next five minutes mashing the backspace button or trying to do some excessively precise mouse-work.

On Windows. The absolutely quickest way to get rid of a content page in Word is to select the content on that page and press the Backspace key Delete on Mac. All of the content on your current page will be selected. This sometimes causes a blank page to appear at the end of a document, depending on where the last line of your content ended.

Now, select the paragraph mark. To select it, put your cursor on the icon and give it a double click. With this resized, the blank page at the end will now be removed. We select and review products independently. When you purchase through our links we may earn a commission.

Learn more. Windows ». What Is svchost. You can clear this by ensuring a page break starts a new page, which will let you delete the blank page. To update this section setting, select the Layout menu and select Margins in the ribbon. Then, select Custom Margins. Select the Layouts tab. In the Section start dropdown, select New page. Select OK.

It should make the blank page display in a new section so you can delete it. An embedded page break is another way users can create a blank page. Check to see if there’s a page break by looking for visible formatting marks. Select File , Options , and Display in the left pane. Enable the checkbox to the left of Show all formatting marks.

Scroll through your document and look through the formatting marks.



How to Delete a Page in Word – Remove Blank or Extra Pages


Is there a way to remove empty pages at the end or in the middle of a Word document? How to avoid printing blank pages out? A sidebar will appear on the left and the Pages tab will give you thumbnails of all the pages in your document. Just select the thumbnail of any blank page in the left panel, and you can then press the Delete key to remove it. Blank pages are most often caused by manual page breaks.

Page breaks are non-printing characters that are hidden by default, and you can make page breaks visible by clicking the Paragraph Markers icon on the Home tab in Microsoft Word. A page break looks like this:. It will remove all manual page breaks from your current Word document at once. Blank pages can appear at the end of your Word document because of non-printing characters. To delete those unnecessary characters, select the Home tab and click on the Paragraph Markers icon.

You may see a long list of formatting marks at the end of your document. Just select all of them and hit the Delete key. The extra blank pages will go away. Tags: delete a blank page in word delete blank page in word. Search for:. Proudly powered by WordPress.


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