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Blackout loyal to Megatron depicted in this film, with his words: “All hail Megatron! Furthermore, in Revenge of the Fallen, Megatron returned Constructicons raised by the group, where he also must comply with the supreme leader of The Fallen as Decepticons.

Of the Autobots, Optimus Prime was killed by Megatron, and reminds us of the storyline in G1, then using the Matrix and part of the body of Jetfire, Optimus back up. Transformers: Animated. TV stations cartoons, Cartoon Network to produce the Transformers: Animated, which began broadcast on several TV stations in the world from late until today.

His real name is actually Transformers: Heroes. Animated set in the city of Detroit at age 22, when robots and humans coexist. Until now, only three seasons of the Transformers: Animated is released. Rumors say in later fourth season of this series will be released. But in mid , the series was terminated for reasons that are unclear. Optimus Prime as the main icon of the Autobots Transformers, is the only leader to be fiction that many idol of the leaders of the countries in the world.

One reason is decisiveness and dedication to the Autobots. So once in an episode of Transformers G1 Rodimus Prime said: It’s hard for us all to get close to Optimus Prime in terms of leadership. As a form of homage to Optimus Prime, a statue of Optimus Prime as high as 12 meters, found in Yunnan Province, China, precisely in the city of Kunming.

Transformers has entered into China since , and became a favorite TV shows there. The statue was created to remind the younger generation of China in order to later show up as a leader with high dedication as Optimus Prime. Meanwhile, Megatron is the main villain in Transformers the Decepticons , has been named as one of the world’s most legendary dictators. In the Wizard magazine, Megatron’s position is at position 68 of the ‘s legendary dictator of the world both from the real world, as well as from the world of fiction.

In addition to Megatron, one of the other Transformers characters that is Blurr, made history by going number one in Forbes magazine. This happened after the magazine named Blurr as Fictional fastest car in with a speed of mph. One of the most debated controversies in the Transformers character is a matter of copyright. Unlike the original Pokemon that nearly all of Japan and later given its Classic version, in both the Japanese version of Transformers Takara and the U.

And even that’s because of the problems, frequent confusion among fans of Transformers toys Transformers if you see the Japanese version and U. Although the sale of the same name for instance, but the color schemes and descriptions are always different. In Sydney, Australia, Megatron toy was examined by authorities because of Megatron as a replica of the Walther P38 pistol can be changed by the owner into a real gun is dangerous.

As a result all the miniature toys Megatron in Australia must have a police permit if you buy the toy stores toys. Author Activision. Updated Over a year ago. Last revision More than a year ago. Fortnite Apex Legends. Newer Post Older Post Home. Social Profiles. Deer Hunter Travel the globe to hunt in six incredibly detailed natura Supreme Snowboarding.

Transformers The Game adalah sebuah permainan video game bertema robot dari pengembang Activision dari adaptasi film di tahun yang sama. Game ini bergenre 3rd person atau orang ketiga dengan kemampuan tempur robot. Dengan gameplay yang bagus, grafik yang simpel namun keren dan kontrol yang mudah membuat permainan ini menjadi yang terbaik. Suara sangat bagus karena menghadirkan karya klasik dari film untuk menyuarakan karakter dalam cerita ini. Game ini adalah permainan resmi yang terkait dengan film yang diproduksi oleh Steven Spielberg.

Dalam game ini Anda memutuskan apakah akan melindungi bumi sebagai Autobots atau menghancurkannya sebagai Decepticons.



Free download transformers game for pc full version. Transformers The Game

Transformers: The Game is the name of multiple versions of a video game based on the Tales for the PlayStation 2, Xbox , Wii, PlayStation 3 and PC. Transformers The Game, free and safe download. Transformers The Game latest version: A Fantastic Game Based On A Terrible Movie. Transformers The Game.


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