For Normal Packing Material

In India we are willing to go anywhere to provide our service for free but before going anywhere you have to pay security deposit plus ‘GST’??. Any cash relation only by Harish Pandey

If the material is found to be Original and if u can provide us the Custody then your security deposit will be RTN and the whole expense will be done by the company just for the material excluding the Hotel bill and other time pass.

The material will be checked 3 times a day after every 2-3 hours by our person and once he is checking the material using the method of Water Chemical and according to the obligation no one is allowed to stop him from doing so.

Once the material is found to be OK and if u can provide us the Custody then on that day itself a token of Rs 1 will be given. And within 15 working days all the payment will be done.

If the date and time given by us to show the material is not met by you then your payment will not be refunded and the company can impose penalty on you which you have to pay.

Our person will be carrying his identity card to the place on the date provided by us to show the material and he will be there from morning 10am to 2pm and in that given time if u fails to show him the material he will leave from there immediately.

Note: Work will be done according to the terms listed above and no other request will be heard or be taken in view. The company will not be held responsible for any inconvenience on the day of the moment it will all be on you to bear.

If the material is found to be Chemical Packing then the work done will be according to the current system listed in terms and condition but there will be changes in payment of security deposit and if any Chemical or any requirement will be there then also the payment will be done with GST only.